dave sulvetta ReMax ConnectionI have put together some of the best advice I can give to help my sellers get their home sold for the most money and in the least amount of time. I have now sold close to $50 million dollars in real estate and nearing 500 transactions, so if nothing else, just give this a read. I hope it helps you. Also, please feel free to contact me about your home.  I am always available for your call.    856.889.8163  

   1. Are you ready to sell your home?

Mickleton NJ Homes For Sale I have had a few clients that just weren't ready to sell their home. Whether it be emotional ties, not sure if they want to move, financial or not sure where they want to go. The truth is, it is not easy to sell a home and it can be a frustrating experience, so if you list your home, make certain you are ready. I am aware you have put everything, your heart, soul and emotions into your home. You most likely raised your family there, so I understand that this could be an emotional decision. It may be easier said than done, but try to keep emotions out of it if you can. Also take into consideration there is most likely going to be a home inspection. Usually if a home is well taken care of, this may not be an issue. Although an agent is in no way a home inspector, a good listing agent can recommend looking into certain issues they may see while walking through your home. Keep in mind that nothing takes the place of a thorough home inspection.  

2. Hiring the wrong agent

Do you have a friend of a friend that sells real estate? Maybe a family member that is part time? Or maybe a referral from family? Great, just make certain it's a good fit and the agent is full time and has years of experience. I cannot stress the full time comment enough. Remember, you are most likely selling the largest investment you've ever made and experience counts! A part time or inexperienced agent may not be able to effectively negotiate the sale of your home. As far as hiring a family member, you may want to rethink that as this could be a stressful experience. While speaking with an agent, make sure you're comfortable with them. It is very important to listen and determine their experience level. You can hire a great agent, or a bad agent, they cost about the same.  

3. Pricing your home simply on the profit you want to make. Otherwise known as "Overpricing"

dave sulvetta remax agent Stop right there! This is most likely the number 1 reason a home does not sell, overpricing your home. I am aware you put thousands of dollars into your home, I work hard to get that back for you, and then some. I also see that your home may be the best on the block. However, one thing is for certain, if the comparables don't match what you feel is a good price, than you may have an issue selling. The longer the home sits, the less a buyer wants to pay for that home. I have seen bidding wars with multiple bids on a home that is priced correctly, actually netting the seller more than they initially thought. This happened to me in early 2016. The house had 2 previous offers and the 3rd came in for $10,000 over the other 2 offers. Needless to say, the sellers were ecstatic, the home closed and everyone was happy.  

4. Pet Odors, Smoke Odors and just unpleasant odors

Cigarette smoke, Cigars, Pet odors and any other odors are costly to a seller. No buyer wants to replace carpet and paint due to odors. This can reduce a buyers offer considerably. The first thought a potential buyer has will be "Do I have to replace all the flooring, paint etc". Be honest with yourself and make an evaluation of your home. If you smoke, have pets or are alerted to any unpleasant odors in your home take action. I'll definitely let you know if I smell anything during the listing appointment. Remember, I want to get the most money for my sellers.  

5. Not disclosing past issues with your home

Does your roof leak? Does your basement get water? Even if you had those issues fixed, or any other major issues, it's always best to disclose them. If you had issues fixed, keep your receipts to give to the new buyer. Another issue I see a lot, prior termite infestation. The saying goes something like this - There are two types of homes in NJ, The one's that have termites, and the one's that will have termites. If you had termite damage/infestation repaired and remediated, keep your receipts with a clear termite certification. If you are on a yearly plan, keep it. The inspector will know if the home has been treated and repaired for termites. The buyers agent will ask for proof of the repairs and treatments. I have seen this issue come up multiple times in 2016.  

6. Marketing your home

dave sulvetta It is your agents job to market your home properly (at their expense too). Make certain the agent you choose will use professional photography to accent your home's best features. There is no doubt that a professionally photographed home stands out and gets more views than one that is not. Depending on your home, your agent may also choose to have video taken. It is no secret that homes with video, move up rapidly in the search engines giving your home more views. Internet marketing is the number 1 way to get your home out there for the potential buyers to see. Facebook advertising is another enormous advantage that should be used by your agent. This is where experience comes in. I use professional photography, video and I advertise heavily on the internet. I budget for facebook ads for your home also. Don't let an agent just put your home on the market and walk away from it.

Some final thoughts....

Make certain your home is ready to list and show ready. When I take a listing, I walk around the home and make suggestions in regards to cosmetic issues, and any obvious issues I may see that can affect the sale of your home. Some very inexpensive fix ups, paint, neutral colors, get the carpets cleaned so they smell fresh, clear the clutter, if you have pets make sure you can't smell them. Good landscaping equals good curb appeal, colorful flowers, remove weeds from flower beds, remove weeds from sidewalks etc. You may think this doesn't help however, I know from experience, you won't be wasting your time. If I can help you in any way, please give me a call at 856.889.8163 or fill the contact form out below. Dave Sulvetta REMAX Connection Search Homes For Sale