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Search all homes for sale in Valleybrook Valleybrook is a Condo and Town Home development located just 20 mins from Center City Philadelphia. Both young and old love Valleybrook for it’s scenic surroundings, close proximity to shopping, major highways and upstanding reputation. From time to time, I showcase homes in Valleybrook. Today, I will pick a few to highlight. A little bit about me. – For the past few years I have been the top selling agent in all of Valleybrook. In fact, no one has sold more units in Valleybrook than I for the last 5 years. I know a good amount about  the development and love helping people purchase and sell homes here. If i can be of any assistance, please call Dave Sulvetta at 856.889.8163, or you can email me at Some things you should know. There are 6 sections to Valleybrook. Those being, St Andrews, These homes have garages and look like town homes. Glen Eagles, Town homes with no garages, The Links and the Links II, town homes with garages, some have basements. Players Place I&II. These are condos, usually one level OR one level with a loft. There are a few 3 level condo’s in Players Place II. There is one section of homes that fall under Players Place Assoc. These are on Doral Dr and they have garages.
MLSNumber Address Subdivision CurrentPrice InteriorSqFt Fireplace Basement Garage
6697981 49 Pinehurst Ct Glen Eagles $134,999 1,422 N Y N
6961580 4 Pinehurst Ct Glen Eagles $169,900 1,320 N Y N
6891097 2406 Wimbledon Way Players Place $149,900 1,554 N N N
6895181 4007 Aberdeen Ln Players Place $166,900 1,569 N N N
6896051 3707 Aberdeen Ln Players Place $124,900 944 N N N
6910141 1405 Aberdeen Ln Players Place $129,900 1,032 N N N
6919871 1501 Aberdeen Ln Players Place $114,900 1,188 Y N N
6922228 304 Wimbledon Way Players Place $142,000 1,336 Y N N
6927276 308 Wimbledon Way Players Place $119,900 1,336 Y N N
6936895 2208 Wimbledon Way Players Place $139,900 1,334 Y N N
6938917 2003 Wimbledon Way Players Place $129,900 1,032 N N N
6940345 2806 Wimbledon Way Players Place $177,900 1,569 N N N
6943599 2006 Wimbledon Way Players Place $144,900 1,516 Y N N
6945734 603 Masters Dr Players Place $164,900 1,461 N N Y
6962069 4208 Aberdeen Ln Players Place $147,500 1,200 N N N
6910167 166 La Costa Dr The Links $169,900 1,520 N N Y
6914986 184 La Costa Dr The Links $204,900 1,914 Y N Y
6953682 157 La Costa Dr The Links $219,900 1,950 Y N Y
6844706 204 Doral Dr The Links II $199,000 1,958 Y Y Y
6849573 19 Valleybrook Ct The Links II $194,900 1,950 Y N Y
6887271 2002 Doral Dr Players Place $164,900 1,572 Y N Y
6911229 119 La Costa Dr The Links $197,900 1,914 Y N Y
6918544 64 La Costa Dr The Links $139,900 1,728 N N Y
6925887 135 La Costa Dr The Links $215,000 1,914 Y N Y
6927739 905 Masters Dr St Andrews $170,000 1,461 N N Y
6943760 9 Valleybrook Ct The Links II $215,000 1,950 Y N Y
6951226 304 Masters Dr St Andrews $198,000 1,907 Y N N
6953752 10 La Costa Dr The Links $180,000 1,914 N N Y
6962176 1302 Aberdeen Ln Players Place $139,900 1,048 Y N N
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