Past Year July (2022) vs. Current Year (Up to July 2023) Comparison for Sales in Valleybrook, Gloucester Township, NJ

Valleybrook, a Golf Course Community in Gloucester Township NJ, has experienced notable changes in its real estate market when comparing the 1st 6 months (2022) to the current year (2023). Let's analyze the key sales figures to understand the shifts in sales activity, average prices, financing methods, and the time it takes for properties to sell.

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In the first 6 months of 2022, a total of 33 homes were sold in Valleybrook, with an average sales price of $242,152. This resulted in a cumulative sales volume of $7,991,000. Among these sales, 7 transactions were made with cash, 23 involved conventional financing, and 1 was financed through an FHA loan. The average number of days properties spent on the market was an impressive 12, indicating a strong demand for homes in Valleybrook during that period.

However, halfway through 2023, the real estate market in Valleybrook has showcased remarkable strength, with record-breaking sales prices. As of now, there have been 18 units sold in 2023, with an average sales price of $266,389. The total sales volume for Valleybrook in 2023 thus far amounts to $4,795,000.

In terms of financing methods, 4 sales were made with cash, 11 were financed through conventional means, and 2 transactions involved FHA loans for the properties sold in 2023. These figures suggest that while cash and conventional financing remain prevalent, the percentage of FHA-financed purchases has increased slightly compared to the previous year.

The average number of days on market for the properties sold in 2023 so far is 18. Although this is higher than the average from the previous year, it should be noted that we are only halfway through the year, and market conditions may fluctuate as the year progresses. Nonetheless, this indicates that properties are still being sold relatively quickly, and the demand in Valleybrook remains robust.

Overall, Valleybrook's real estate market has shown positive signs of growth in 2023. The average sales price has increased, indicating rising property values, and the total sales volume remains substantial. While the average days on market have seen a slight increase, it's important to consider the evolving market conditions throughout the year. With these favorable indicators, Valleybrook's real estate market seems to be thriving and attracting strong buyer interest.

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